Moistness Calibration in Humidity Chamber

Moistness Calibration in Humidity Chamber

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Meaning of Calibration

The process of calibrating an instrument involves setting it up such that it can produce results for samples that are within a reasonable range. A key component of instrumentation design is eliminating or reducing conditions that lead to faulty measurements. One of the main procedures that is in use to keep instruments accurate is instrument calibration. The calibration process often entails using the instrument to test samples of one or more known values called “calibrators,” however the precise process may vary depending on the device. The findings establish a connection between the instrument’s measurement method and the measured values. In essence, the procedure “trains” the instrument to generate more accurate data than it otherwise would. When samples of unknown values are in examination, the instrument can then produce more accurate results. Standard Calibration Services is ensuring Calibration Services in Bangladesh to make all the effective use of hardware equipment. 


Moistness Calibration

Moistness calibration entails evaluating the precision of the sensors that measure the amount of moisture in the air and making the necessary adjustments. Such measurements are crucial to numerous industry and laboratory procedures. Many of the industry standard use moistness calibration as humidity calibration. Proper calibration for relative humidity (RH), the quantity of moisture in the air compared to the maximum it can store at a certain temperature, is particularly difficult. A little change in ambient temperature can vary the value even when the moisture content remains the same. Monitoring equipment calibration for humidity helps guarantee that environmental conditions will meet specifications for a predictable period of time.


 Need of Moistness Calibration

Moistness Calibration checks accuracy of Hygrometers and other humidity analyzers. Later, Moistness calibration adjusts the humidity analyzers for better efficiency gathering in results. For these kinds of sensors to keep performing according to specification, regular calibration is necessary. Standard Calibration Services calibrate Thermo-hygrographs, psychrometers, digital indicators, probes, transmitters, relative humidity meters and a broad variety of other humidity meters. And SCS is one of the the leading calibration service providers who provides all type of moistness calibration services in Bangladesh.


Types of Moister Humidity Meters

A crucial characteristic for numerous industrial and laboratory applications is humidity calibration. The amount of water vapor in the air, stated as a percentage of the amount required for saturation at the same temperature is called relative humidity. For precise relative humidity measurements, precise temperature readings are necessary. A measurement of humidity get impact up to 3-4% by a temperature difference of merely 1°C.

Humidity Calibration calibrates the following kinds of moisture humidity meters are:

  •       Monitors for Relative Humidity
  •       Electronic Indicators
  •       Electronic hygrometers
  •       Thermo-hygrographs
  •       Moisture sensors
  •       Humidity Meters
  •       Moisture gauges
  •       Transmitters for RH
  •       Environmental ambiance
  •       Psychrometers
  •       Humidity Sensors
  •       a weather station

These sensors and gauges need humidity calibration in a regular basis to keep their performance to the standard level.


Moistness Calibration Process

For calibrating an instrument for humidity, it is necessary to create a steady level of humidity in a sample gas, measure it with the instrument that one want to calibrate and a suitable fundamental reference instrument, and then compare the results.

A system for calibrating humidity includes:

  •       a dry source of air
  •       A humidity generator to produce the necessary level of moisture content
  •       A reference instrument to offer a reliable measurement that is more accurate than the test instrument
  •       A manifold for supplying calibration gas to the test-related sensors and equipment

In order to determine the relative humidity by connecting the generated dew-point value with the temperature, the manifold must need temperature regulation or temperature control environment if the calibration is in process in terms of relative humidity and temperature.

At SCS Pvt. Ltd., we use an environmental room that enables us to precisely adjust the temperature and humidity to mimic the circumstances the instrument would encounter in the real world when in operation.

Our professionals regulate the chamber’s humidity and temperature while taking measurements across the entire instrument’s range. For a certain period, we can determine the accuracy of a relative humidity meter by looking at how far it deviates from those predetermined settings to check it’s accuracy level.


Advantages of Humidity Calibration

Humidity impacts various properties of air and the materials exposed to it. Measuring humidity benefits you in a number of ways. It is important in manufacturing and laboratory settings to prevent a wide range of issues, including corrosion, condensation and mould. You may save time and money by avoiding product spoiling with accurate humidity monitoring.

Your humidity calibration’s scope, scale, and location all play a role. Nonetheless, we are aware that time is money, thus Standard Calibration Services strive to provide quick, accurate, and efficient moisture humidity meter calibrations. With our off-site service, you can get results in just a few days or the same day with an on-site calibration.


Cost of Doing Humidity Calibration

The number and complexity of humidity meters that need a calibration are just two of the many variables that affect how much a moisture humidity meter calibration costs. Not to mention whether you choose an on-site calibration at your location or an off-site calibration at our special facilities. To discuss your needs and get a free, no-obligation quotation, we suggest speaking with one of our highly qualified engineers waiting to give your answers.


Opportunities from SCS

We provide humidity calibration services both on site and off site. We are giving you services (ISO 17025 Accredited by both BAB and NABL) certified. Moreover, we are ensuring certification after each calibration performing.

Simply contact our helpful staff if you can’t find what you’re searching for. They are here to answer any queries you may have. And you will get chance to contact with one of our engineers directly.