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Weight/Vacuum Calibration Services

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Vacuum Calibration

The main impetus of Vacuum Calibration is to ensure that the devices are measuring vacuum pressure accurately. Regular calibration will assure repeated accuracy by comparing the measurement the instrument produces with that of standard or acceptable tolerances, as is customary with any measuring device. The equipment’s adjustments are necessary to keep the measurement within tolerance.

Vacuum calibration checks the measurement instrument’s readings to make sure they adhere to predefined standards. This increases measurement equipment accuracy and guarantees constant measurements in testing applications.

Vacuum Calibration Process

Vaccum calibration use computerized pressure modules with negative pressure capabilities to carry out  the investigation and the findings of the vacuum calibration and to keep every second record stored. The calibration service providers test instruments three times at full capacity before the process starts and  to ensure they are in good operating order.

Calibration service providers examine each pressure point examined and its results from the calibrated equipment. They also compare the calibrated equipment to recognized standards set throughout the vacuum calibration process. This shows any difference from the norm. Every 20% of capacity, instruments typically undergo a 5-point vacuum calibration that includes comparisons to the standard. Every 10% of capacity will have 10 inspection points for a calibration with improved accuracy.

Why Is This Important?

Why is this crucial to you as a vacuum consumer? Make sure your vacuum gauge is stable, robust, and capable of giving you the precise data you need to understand how your system is operating.

Reasons of vacuum calibration:

  • Trace errors in production to maintain the quality.
  • Accurate gauge readings help to get more time out of equipment and assure everyone’s safety.
  • Equipment certification updating is critical in regulated environments.
  • Accurate equipment using is necessary for all kinds of monitoring and testing.
  • Setting up newly purchased hardware and ensuring compatibility with all required programs before using it.

Inspection of equipment malfunctioning is necessary. In this case, weight calibration services in Bangladesh are achieving great milestones. Vacuum calibration can help you fix malfunctions before the use of any equipment. Vacuum calibration services in Bangladesh ensures that there is no negative impact on the services or the process of the traditional use of equipment. 

Among various calibration companies, Standard Calibration Service Pvt Ltd. is one of the largest calibration company in Bangladesh.  Because of the special characteristics, thermal sensors have the capacity to slightly alter measurement results. At Standard Calibration Service Pvt Ltd., they calibrate each sensor to the gauge so that they stay as a mated pair and will meet our stated accuracy criteria.

When and How Often Do I Need to Calibrate?

It should come as no surprise that following the manufacturer’s instructions is the optimum time to calibrate your vacuum pressure gauge. Not every gauge requires calibration every predetermined amount of time.

It is certain to calibrate your vacuum gauge or vacuum controller annually, but it might need calibration more frequently. Calibration may need to occur considerably more frequently. And the reason behind this is to strictly uphold it in life sciences and cGMP facilities.

The user should decide whether to calibrate a gauge depending on usage, potential contamination, and procedural requirements. When foreign material comes into touch with it, the characteristics of the sensor need a change. Over time, the changed properties will result in a different pressure reading.

The frequency of calibration also depends on the application of your vacuum gauge:

  • Sterile, dry, and mostly nitrogen calibration intervals increase in conditions.
  • In particularly unclean environments like heat treatment, metalizing, and oil purification, there is a chance of more frequent calibrations. 
  • You may consider calibrating more frequently in vacuum drying or freeze-drying applications where the gauge constantly blasts with water.

Calibration bd is working up to the mark to ensure all the vacuum gauges work perfectly and perform the necessary applications. 

Choose The Leading Lab for Your Service

Standard Calibration Service Pvt Ltd. is the calibration lab which is an ISO 17025 Accredited lab by both BAB and NABL. According to the company’s vision statement, testing and inspection services are provided together with thorough laboratory reports that will keep you informed about your equipment.

Calibration services in Bangladesh are getting more popular day by day. Among the calibration services, SCS Calibration Services offers Vacuum calibration services throughout Bangladesh. When it comes to electrical calibration, electronic calibration, mechanical calibration, dimensional calibration, temperature calibration, moistness calibration in a humidification chamber, weight/vacuum calibration, power/torque calibration, surface thickness calibration, equalizations/scales calibration, hardness testers calibration, and autoclaves calibration, our highly trained technicians are incredibly efficient and dependable.

We provide NABL Calibration services for pressure and vacuum-related instruments all over Bangladesh, which include checking pressure measuring tools that may deliver gauge, absolute, and vacuum values. We calibrate any kind of pressure instrument, such as digital pressure gauges, transmitters, pressure calibrators, barometers, and many other pressure instruments.

In Bangladesh, we calibrate almost all instruments related to pressure and vacuum. For crucial pressure-measuring equipment, NIST-traceable calibrations will be available. Additionally, we might offer on-site pressure instrument services and programs that are beneficial to meet the needs of your particular company or area.

As a result, we are able to calibrate a variety of pressure gauges, from the simplest to the most complex. The pressure and vacuum gauges are always accurate thanks to the protocols we put in place. As part of the whole process, we advise calibrating your pressure instruments to run it perfectly and to get accurate results.

Ask about our services

We have been certified by BAB & NABL as an ISO/IEC 17025-approved calibration laboratory. Additionally, we produce and sell Instrument Test & Calibration Benches and Service Field Calibration Equipment. Besides electrical calibration, we also provide Electronic Calibration, Mechanical Calibration, Dimensional Calibration, Temperature Calibration, Moistness Calibration in Humidity Chamber, Weight/Vacuum Calibration, Power/Torque Calibration, Surface Thickness Calibration, Equalizations/Scales Calibration, Hardness Testers Calibration, Autoclaves Calibration.

Please leave a comment below or give us a call if you have any questions about electrical calibration. One of our engineers will be happy to assist you.