Electrical Calibration Services in BD

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What is electrical calibration?

Electrical Calibration means calibrating a device that’s uncertainty is known and determining the result from a device measuring an electrical magnitude with unknown precision. Calibration service ensures device’s acquaint ability of works in different criteria. All entities recognize this calibrator as a “reference” and it is tunable to global standards. In short, it is the process of testing or modifying the efficacy of any instrument that gauges or tests electrical parameters.

Electrical metrology for dc and low frequency is the common name for this field. Voltage, current, resistance, inductance, capacitance, time, and frequency are among the major parameters. This area of metrology includes other factors, such as electrical power and phase. One of the most noticeable things in this calibration service is the use of ratio metric comparisons of similar parameters. The ratio metric comparisons help in comparing a known parameters to an unknown similar parameter.

Electrical calibration requires accurate equipment to measure the performance of key traits for other equipment, or units under test (UUTs). Due to the UUT’s perplexing performance characteristics compared to these precise devices, performance measurement or calibration clarification of the UUT is feasible in terms of detecting or reducing faults. Such precision devices should typically perform four or more times better than the UUT. Calibration Services in Bangladesh has their competency to meet these certain criterias.

Various companies and organisations frequently dispatch the following instruments for electrical calibration:

  • Electrical meters
  • Data Loggers
  • Oscilloscopes
  • Insulation Testers
  • Multi-meters
  • Insulation Testers
  • Frequency Counters
  • Loop Testers


What is Calibrator, and what is the standard?

Typically, a calibrator can produce a broad variety of precise output signals, such as voltage settings ranging from a few microvolts to several decades’ worth of millivolts and volts, up to a typical maximum of roughly one kilovolt.

Modern calibrators also frequently offer outputs for various electrical tasks (such as voltage, resistance, and current).

Most often people believe that a standard is even more accurate than a calibrator. It can perform at a level that is at least four times better than a calibrator. However, this enhanced performance is typically subpar compared to a calibrator. A standard frequently simply has one or a few output settings and may perform one electrical function.


A general procedure for electrical calibration service

The primary operations in electrical calibration are:

  • Evaluation of calibration performance.
  • Turning on and stabilizing the calibration instrument.
  • Initial instrument verification and problem-solving
  • Establishing the connections and operating parameters.
  • Calibrating the calibrator
  • Control for a calibrator.
  • Measures for calibration.
  • Measurement of the results’ degree of uncertainty.
  • Issuing a calibration certificate by analyzing the results.

Electrical calibration services in Bangladesh is using these procedures to meet the standard level of accuracy. Hence, Calibration bd has almost the same standard of doing the electrical calibration.

Advantages of electrical calibration

Calibration ensures test equipment can keep functioning properly and produces reliable results. Inadequately calibrated or maintained equipments can produce unsatisfactory results that do not meet the necessary criteria, which could potentially result in unsafe circumstances and waste time and money. For this,  electrical calibration needs  to meet the necessary criteria of an electrical equipment’s result.

There is a reason why manufacturers advise calibrating on a regular basis. An electrical test instrument’s interior parts are fragile electronic circuits that might lose their specifications for a variety of reasons over time. You are geting the best calibration services in Bangladesh now.

Your equipment, including insulation testers, Data Loggers, digital multimeters, and voltage indicators, should return with a calibration certificate following a calibration service.

By doing electrical calibration you are ensuring:

  • dependable and accurate electrical measurement
  • optimal functionality of tool or equipment
  • reduction of waste
  • Process optimization and profit maximization
  • detection of outdated technology


Select a Credible provider for electrical calibration

Standard Calibration Service Pvt Ltd is a legitimate source for quick electrical calibration services and ensuring the best calibration services in Bangladesh. Our services cover the calibration of multimeters, oscilloscopes, and tachometers, as well as other industrial machinery with DC and AC voltage, DC and AC current, and DC resistance.

Electrical calibration helps to produce results that will boost your confidence in the capabilities of your instruments with the aid of cutting-edge machinery and highly skilled personnel. Precision, frugality, and timeliness are our main methods of doing electrical calibration.

For each make and model of equipment undergoing electrical calibration services at SCS PVT LTD, we follow specifically defined protocols to ensure consistent testing. Each technique includes “accuracies” from the equipment manufacturer, which often express as a percentage of the measured value.


Consider the following questions in terms of determining which electrical calibrator to choose

  • Exactly what sort of signals does my equipment apply?
  • Which measures require calibration and are crucial to my methodology?
  • Where am I going to calibrate? In the laboratory or out in the field?
  • What degree of precision is necessary?
  • Is any standard protocol (such as Field Bus, HART, etc.) required?
  • Which calibration certification you need: As Left/As Found and As Left Data, NAVLAP Certification, etc.?


Ask about our services

We have been certified by BAB & NABL as an ISO/IEC 17025-approved calibration laboratory. Additionally, we produce and sell Instrument Test & Calibration Benches and Service Field Calibration Equipment. Besides Electrical calibration service, we also provide Electronic Calibration, Mechanical Calibration, Dimensional Calibration, Temperature Calibration, Moistness Calibration in Humidity Chamber, Weight/Vacuum Calibration, Power/Torque Calibration, Surface Thickness Calibration, Equalizations/Scales Calibration, Hardness Testers Calibration, Autoclaves Calibration.

Please leave a comment below or call us if you have any questions about electrical calibration. One of our engineers will be happy to assist you.