Moistness Calibration in Humidity Chamber

Moistness Calibration in Humidity Chamber

Meaning of Calibration The process of calibrating an instrument involves setting it up such that it can produce results for samples that are within a reasonable range. A key component of instrumentation design is eliminating or reducing conditions that lead to faulty measurements. One of the main procedures that is in use to keep instruments …

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Hardness Testers Calibration

Hardness Testers Calibration

What is Hardness Tester Calibration The hardness tester calibration process involves verifying the condition of the anvil and indenter, then running five hardness tests on three certified hardness test blocks, representing the high, middle, and low ranges on all scales being verified. Two types of calibration criteria are present for Hardness Testers, direct and indirect. …

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Equalizations/Scales Calibration

Equalizations/Scales Calibration

Definition of Scale Calibration The process of checking the accuracy of weighing equipment is scale Calibration. Calibrating a scale allows one to verify the precision of the weighing apparatus. A weigh balance from an analytical lab, a set of bigger industrial weigh scales for determining the weight of components, or even a weighbridge for industrial vehicles …

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Surface Thickness Calibration

Surface Thickness Calibration

Calibration In simple terms, calibration is establishing, correcting, or marking the scales of (anything) in order to determine its quality (something, such as a thermometer tube): to establish the accurate correction factors by calculating the variation from a standard in order to standardize (anything, such as a piece of measurement equipment). On the other hand, …

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Temperature Calibration

Temperature Calibration Services

Calibration and calibration services   Calibration in measurement technology and metrology is the process of comparing the measurement results that a device that is under test can provide with those of a known-accurate calibration standard. A device that generates the quantity that you want to measure, such as a voltage generator, sound generator, or physical …

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Weight/Vacuum Calibration Services

Vacuum Calibration The main impetus of Vacuum Calibration is to ensure that the devices are measuring vacuum pressure accurately. Regular calibration will assure repeated accuracy by comparing the measurement the instrument produces with that of standard or acceptable tolerances, as is customary with any measuring device. The equipment’s adjustments are necessary to keep the measurement …

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Electrical Calibration Services in BD

What is electrical calibration? Electrical Calibration means calibrating a device that’s uncertainty is known and determining the result from a device measuring an electrical magnitude with unknown precision. Calibration service ensures device’s acquaint ability of works in different criteria. All entities recognize this calibrator as a “reference” and it is tunable to global standards. In …

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